Financial Mediation & Trade Finance

Given the current Financial Institutions’ policy, there is an absolute need to present a sound technocratic, sustainable and realistic financial proposal for all corporate needs such as working capital, long-term credit refinancing as well as existing total debt restructuring (NPEs, NPLs).

Financial Mediation

With the goal to provide the optimal supporting solutions with all Financial Institutions in Greece and Internationally, our executive advisors assume full financial mediation aiming at the best, complete and structured approach matched to Management needs and aligned to its long-term business plan.

Our financial reengineering solutions, innovation and reliability along with the extensive experience in a wide range of market sectors provide you the most effective guarantees of success.

Trade Finance

  • Financial Valuation and Mapping
    Full specification of company’s present financial status with the aim to explore the optimal financial solutions available
  • Liquidity Planning
    Elaboration of the best viability plan in order to exit cash flow straitness
  • Mediation and Negotiations with Financial Institutions
    With our close and excellent level of relations to all Financial Institutions, we ensure the required liquidity to the smooth and reliable company’s operations

Business Development Finance

Based upon a Strategic Plan, we undertake the company’s commercial and financial development.

Planning, analysis and full penetration to target – markets, match agents to customers and cooperation for a full company’s launch in Greece and internationally.