Who We Are

Bull Boutique Advisors is a specialized financial advisory firm that offers innovative finance & advisory services internationally.

The Company is based in Athens, Greece and the experience of its staff, provides services to organizations, businesses and individuals in the EU and the broader Balkans area.

Finally, it maintains and constantly expands synergies with specialized investment Funds, Investment Bankers, Asset Managers and Boutique Advisories for successfully integrate and manage specialized high-profile investment projects within and outside the EU.

Our Values:

  • Added Value to all of our customers and cooperators
  • Innovation to all of our services
  • Solid Privacy and Ethics
  • Absolute Transparency with clear terms

Our pillars of operation and development are summarised to:

Innovation, Transparency, Added Value

Our People

Vassiliοs Apostolopoulos

Vassiliοs is the founder and CEO of Bull Boutique Advisors. He is responsible for the strategy and supervision of financial proposals and marketing of the company.
Prior to the establishment of Bull Boutique Advisors, Vassiliοs for more than 15 years served as executive officer in Credit Agricole, Viohalco (Steelmet), Interamerican and in Shipping Management with a wide range of successful financial management and product development plans with a turnover over € 950 million. Vasilis holds MBA in Banking & Finance from ALBA Graduate Business School, MSc from the University of Surrey and also serves as BoD member in three companies in Greece.

Themis Lazos

Themis is the legal partner and cooperator of the company. An experienced corporate and tax practitioner, he acts as a legal advisor for clients and businesses specializing in tax planning. With a degree from the Athens Law School as well as professional certifications, he is already a BoD member in three companies in Greece.

Antonis Tsatsis

Antonis is the Sales Director of the company and the Sales Development Manager for Attica and Southern Greece. With more than 30 years of experience in the Greek Banking Area and with continuous successes as Director of Branches at Piraeus Group in Athens and Piraeus areas, serves as the connecting key executive in analyzing needs and providing solutions to customers and businesses.

Panagiotis Dourtmes

Panagiotis is the Sales Manager and Development Manager of the company in Northern Greece. With 35 years of experience in Banking and with an excellent performance in sales, loans and investments, he has served as a Sales Manager in Ioniki, Egnatia Bank as well as Aspis Bank and since the beginning of the year he has been working exclusively with Bull Boutique Advisors in financial management & corporate management.

Eirinaios Trapetsas

Eirinaios is the Risk Assessment Manager of the company. With more than 15 years experience in Greek Banking, he specializes in credit risk assessment and control and corporate credit analysis. Holder of MSc and BSc in finance from Hellenic Universities and has successfully completed numerous seminars, such as the Chartered Banker Institute and Moody's Analytics. Eirinaios cooperates with Bull Boutique Advisors since the beginning of the year to provide investment and finance evaluation services.

In addition to the above executives, Bull Boutique Advisors collaborates with accountants, chartered accountants and corporations, wealth managers and funds to better and more effectively manage the growing needs of companies in Greece.



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